To empower teenage girls…

At Womenaftergreatness we  want young women to see themselves outside of mainstream media and societal pressures and inspire  their confidence and self-belief . We’ve heard the statistics and the odds against young ladies for too long we want to inspire change in every way we can even if that’s one person at a time.

#BetheBestMe is our curriculum and youth based program focusing on teen girls aged 12-15 (secondary) and age 16-19 (post secondary education). We produce educational and personal development workshops that comprise of creative, energising activities fused with provoking presentations, discussions and skill learning – that  cater to each group and individual.

We focus on empowering young women with confidence, whilst encouraging their passions and harnessing the tangible skills needed for their future;

Projects format usually takes place in assembly, lesson or full/Half day workshop (or a series of workshops over an allotted time period.)

Topics include:

Emotional intelligence & Behavioural development

Confidence – Self Image – Beauty standards

Higher education– Employability – Networking- Career Days

Finances (budgeting, planning & saving)

Mentoring – (#SheMentors)

So whether you’re a school, PRU, 6th form or youth provision, our person centred approach can cater to you.

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