Looking forward and striving to be better TOGETHER

To EMPOWER & EQUIP Women and Girls all over to Conquer Negative Cycles & Build Opportunities

WomenAfterGreatness (WAG’s) is a social enterprise established to encourage, empower and equip Women and Girls by Promoting Aspirations, Creating Access and Building Opportunities, we do this through our personal development, education & mentoring initiatives

We believe we learn better together and so whether it is through our workshops, events or mentoring schemes we want the women and girls we work with to have the confidence to navigate through their feelings, finances and future creating their own opportunities as well as contributing to their extended networks and communities.

Our work focuses on 3 groups of Women – The Student, The Junior Professional and The Mother – This is because we believe there is a great need to contribute to the positive development of each group, because as a community we learn better together.

The aim of the social enterprise is to significantly reduce the number of young women and girls at risk of sexual, social, and economic exploitation within their communities. we are working towards tackling and preventing the stigma’s, challenges and circumstances that affect them by promoting the aspirations, achievements, and access available to each beneficiary and group.

A smart woman learns from her mistakes…but a wise woman learns from another’s


Our Programmes

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Are you an educator?

#BetheBestMe is our curriculum and youth based program focusing on teen girls aged 12-15 (secondary) and age 16-19 (post secondary education). We produce educational and personal development workshops that comprise of creative, energising activities fused with provoking presentations, discussions and skill learning


 Our aim to significantly reduce the number of women and girls confronted by social & economic challenges and encourage them to tackle it head on with confidence, knowledgeable insight and community.



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